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          Specializing in producing innovative dance based collaborations for stage and film, JoiLynn productions creates treatments, choreography, staging, movement coaching, and instruction for movement based projects. Fresh dance based concepts are given birth in different settings and contexts as JoiLynn works as a multidimensional artist fusing movement ideals with techniques and elements of other art forms and media. Her work uses a range of recognized styles and and just pure expression through movement. Conservatory level workshops ​to training entertainers, to teaching non movers how to get in touch with their bodies. Offering worksops in .....NO TEAching pics, just a video that clearly divides the diciplines maybe seperate this section into non movers /entertainment and professional?

    Past Clients Include:

The Joffrey Ballet School Jazz and Contemporary Program (NYC) MASTER INSTRUCTOR
- Brooklyn Arts Council (NYC)
- Community Works (NYC)
-New Jersey Ballet (NJ)

Ailey Arts in Education

- The National Cultural Foundation of Barbados (Barbados, W.I)

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