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Hello Beautiful People!

I will be expanding my personal training by starting some virtual sessions and in person privates and small group sessions for those seeking to tone up and improve strength, coordination, and conditioning Sessions will be focusing on strengthening and lengthening muscles, improving coordination and stamina, and stabilizing the joints. Classes will be a follow along format and will utilize a mat, hand weights, and ankle weights to start and may expand into using bands, sliders, or yoga blocks. The session will include a complete warm up and cool down, cover all muscle groups, and combine mat based exercises, dance based conditioning ,and standing full body exercises in a fun , high energy, sweaty session. Please submit  your info below to show interest!


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What you need



* 3LB/5LB HAND WEIGHTS (2 lbs can be utilized if needed.) 

* ANKLE/WRIST WEIGHTS (Optional; Can add in later if desired)

* TOWELS (Body and Face)



  JoiLynn is a professional dance artist and vocalist who has created for and been featured in numerous stage, film and TV projects.  Having a functional and healthy body has been engrained in her as an athlete since a  young age starting out as a gymnast, later playing in state soccer leagues and eventually settling into professional dance . She has been a spin instructor,  certified personal trainer , Trainer of the Tracy Anderson Method, and a master dance instructor at the Joffrey Ballet School , The Ailey School in New York City, and numerous dance schools in the US and abroad. As an artist who is serious about dance technique and artistry she has also contributed as a dance critic, dance grant panelist, and competition judge. She provides in person and private training sessions with a focus on creating healthy and fun environments for others to achieve their highest selves .   

Let’s Work Together! 


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