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         As a multidimensional artist, JoiLynn creates art in the realm of dance, music, and film with a provocative vision of jagged edges and mystery expressed through a technicality and artistry that marries the entertainment and art worlds. Known as a sort of “sci-fi” choreographer, she creates concepts through movement with a fusion of techniques and music from punk rock and classical to hip-hop, and combines elements of film, visual art, fashion, and even magic.  

         As a singer and songwriter, her music has an alternative soul sound and is a reflection of her movement as she creates musical expression that is a fusion of styles and moods and which is also accompanied by visual interpretation. 

         JoiLynn has also been a featured dancer in numerous stage, film and TV projects.  As an artist who is serious about dance technique and artistry you can also find her giving master classes at institutions such as the Joffrey Ballet School and classes at The Ailey School in addition to giving her voice as a dance critic, dance grant panelist, and competition judge. 






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