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Love for Parsley Health

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

......and just like that a weight was lifted.

Such Joy and disappointment in one experience..such complexity. In one hour session where my blood work was evaluated, I felt years of mental and physical stress lift, in addition to more confidence , reassurance, and understanding of myself. This is not an understatement. Our current health care system should not include the word care. I won a membership to parsley health after being tagged my a friend of instagram . I often don't participate in things like that but took a chance because of the frustrations I've been having for years trying to figure out what my allergic reactions were begin triggered by.

My initial meeting was a comprehensive list of questions that encompassed all facets of your human experience, so right off the back not Like the doctors that we are used to. It feels great to have a doctor with the same point of few on how health care should be and who also is knowledgeable AF. I remember the days when I was inspired by the intelligence of my college professors. Each session is like a lecture and Q+A on yourself which is so exciting.

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